Stonewaller Magazine speaks to: Aaron Tshibola

Our friends at Stonewaller magazine recently spoke to Kilmarnock midfielder Aaron Tshibola.

They chatted about his footballing upbringing, discussed his fashion choices and clothing label, who controls the Rugby Park AUX cable, and so much more!

Find an extract from the article below, and read the full feature here:

Stonewaller Magazine Speaks to Aaron Tshibola:


Photo – Stonewaller Magazine

I also read that you saw your move to Reading as a bit of a get-out clause to escape the life that might have lay in wait for you if you had stayed in London; tell us a little bit more about that.

Where I come from is full of violence. I was one of the fortunate ones who was able to escape that and do something more positive with my life. But I’ve lost many friends to that type of life who are not here with me today. I almost got my early education in life from that type of environment which made me a young man instead of a young kid. I had to step up as that young man and try to be a role model or an inspiration to my friends or other young kids by showing them that you don’t need to follow that life of violence if you’re from that area. I never really had that similar type of role-model when I was growing up so to be able to do that myself has been a blessing and really humbling.

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