An Update…

By Lewis Michie

Happy New Year!

It has all been a bit quiet on the website towards the tail end of 2019. A mixture of starting my new job in October, and Greg and Keiran being deep in dissertation prep has meant there hasn’t been much time to spare for producing content.

No worries though. As we all come to grips with that, we are confident we can come into the new year with a renewed sense of organisation to provide regular content on NE98 once again.

What this content will be, or exactly how it will be laid out, isn’t yet set in stone – be we will continue to provide plenty of chat on social media, feature articles and we are determined to keep ‘Another Football Podcast’ going.

One feature that won’t be returning at the moment is ‘Mearns Football Weekly’. An article I started writing before NE98 was even around. I’d like to extend a huge thank you to the clubs local to the Mearns who gave their time and effort to add to the series over the past almost two years.

I’d love to continue to write the article, but with the nature of it being weekly, and the time it can take to produce, it just wouldn’t be possible to regularly write MFW to a standard I’d want.

We’d also like to bring plenty new features to the website and our social media. So any ideas, just let us know.

Here’s to an exciting 2020.


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