Announcement:’Hidden Football Stories’ to debut next Thursday.

NE98 is happy to announce the development of a new monthly podcast – released on the final Thursday of every month, the podcast will revolve around two interviews and a fan driven reaction segment. We are going to break our normal style guide on NE98 here for this announcement, so let me speak to you in first person here for a minute. 

My name is Lewis and we don’t really do titles here on the website but I guess I handle the day to day running of NE98 – I created the website last year and have developed a variety of different pieces of content over that last year.

Greg Taylor and Keiran Fleming have come on board more recently and that has helped to bring more content, and better content to the website.

With this we have been coming up with ideas for new pieces of content – which brings us to this new podcast – ‘Hidden Football Stories’.

The concept of these new audio pieces will be to speak to people involved in some way or another – but sticking to what NE98 has always aimed to do, we want it to be niche, or ‘hidden’.

We will be speaking to people from the world of football you might not normally hear from – their stories, journeys and an insight in their world.

We already produce two podcasts, ‘The Football Hour’ which is adapted from my show on MearnsFM, this goes over recent ongoings in football and allows me to add my opinion. ‘Another Football Podcast’ involves myself, Greg and Keiran, it’s a chance for us to talk about any type of football we like, have a joke and really take it any direction we want.

This new podast will allow us to delve into a different style of concept, with this show of course focusing on interviews and telling different stories every episode.

We will also stick to a concept that NE98 has maintained throughout our other content – fan driven. We want to hear from real supporters of a variety of clubs, big or small.

We are asking you to send us 30 second or so voice clips telling us about how you feel the club you support are getting on. We will compile these together to give an oversight into how a variety of supporters are feeling about their club.

Over the next few days we will be revealing the first two guests on the debut show, as well as giving you details about a prize that will be on the line upon its release. 

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