Mearns Football Weekly: Bonus Edition – Two Mearns Sides Set For Unexpected Promotion Play-Offs

We thought Mearns Football Weekly was done for the season, but through the misfortune of others comes opportunity for two Mearns sides, meaning a couple of bonus MFW’s.

Rumours had been swirling around the Aberdeenshire AFA community for weeks, and with the announcement of two play-off fixtures to end the season also comes the confirmation that Premier Division club Sportsmans Club have folded.

One of the more successful sides in the whole amateur ranks, Sportsmans finished second this season and the exact reasoning remains to be seen. Although a social media search would appear to suggest the people who were running the club have stepped down for a variety of reasons.

Bervie Caledonian Head Coach Danny Melvin was able to give NE98 an idea of the situation, he said:

The playoff has come about because Sportsmans have had to fold. Rumours had been flying about for about a month or so but it was only confirmed by the association on Friday.”

In the context of the Mearns, this provides two local sides with a second opportunity for promotion.

A spot has opened up in the Premier Division, the two sides who finished third in each of the First Division regional leagues will face off in a play-off for that spot. The two corresponding third placed teams from the East and North in Division two’s ranks will also dual for the chance to replace whichever team gains promotion to the Premier Divison.

Bervie Caledonian finished third in Division One North after aiming to gain promotion, they’ll face off against with East’s Tolbooth this Friday at Balmoral Stadium.

By the time that game is played, we will already know who replaces the victor, this evening (Wednesday) Stonehaven Athletic will face off against East division’s Glendale Youth, also at Balmoral – home of Cove Rangers.

Both games kick-off at 7:15PM

We also asked Bervie coach Melvin about his thoughts going into the crucial game, he said:

Promotion was the aim at the start of the season and it was disappointing to finish 3rd in the league but we have been given another lifeline just like last season. Hopefully the boys who played in last season’s playoff heartbreak can use that experience and disappointment to our teams benefit.”

It’s a massive opportunity for the boys to write themselves into Bervie Caledonian FC history by becoming the first set of players to get the club to the premier league.”

On Caley’s opponents, Tolbooth, Melvin said:

Tolbooth are an unknown opponent to us having never played them but having achieved back to back promotions and winning the AFC on Friday tells you they are a good side. But we always play well after a lay-off and have a full squad to pick from at the moment, if we play to our strengths and capabilities I’m confident we can get a result.”

We will be back with one final Mearns Football Weekly this weekend to discuss the results of both play-offs.

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